Saturday, December 11, 2010

13 questions with Laura Pleasants from Kylesa

                                                                               Photo by Dorotea Robertson

1 – What was your first concert?

2 – Who fights the good fight?
I fight the good fight!

2 – What is your favorite music venue?
For sound: Webster Hall in NYC. For vibe and good times: anywhere in Poland

4 –Would you rather laugh with someone or at someone?
With someone. It's a cure-all.

5 – Do you believe in bigfoot? Explain.
 I would like to. I don't, but there are plenty big feet out there.

6 – Who has great guitar tone?
Wino and Steve from Black Mountain

                                                                      Photo by Ronan Thenady

7 – What books do you enjoy?
Children's books are the best

8 – Are you nocturnal or diurnal?
Depends on what's going on and where I am. I like the daylight a lot. I need the sunshine.

9 – How loud is too loud?
When the ear plugs don't work

10 – Matt from USX once put $5 in a jukebox and played Dwight Yoakum's cover of "Suspicous Minds" until someone unplugged the machine. If you had $5 for one song, and you were stuck in a place full of people you disliked, what song would you play?
Depends on the people. . . maybe some Hatred Surge.

11 – Do you have tinnitus?
Yes. : (

12 – What is your favorite instrument?

13 – What is your favorite unknown band?
Fluidage from Sweden

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